42 Premium Photoshop Actions



42 Premium Photoshop Actions


ATN | PDF | 2.21 MB


GraphicRiver - Dreams and Nightmares - 15 Premium Photo Effects
Photoshop ATN | CS2 | RAR 15 MB
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GraphicRiver - 3D Sketcher - Vector Actions Pack

AI Illustrator | Layered | CS3 | Pixel Print Dimensions 700x1200 | RAR 2 MB
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GraphicRiver - 6 Photoshop Actions

Photoshop ATN Files | CS3 | 10 MB
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Creativemarket - RetroLift - 3D PSD Actions
Creativemarket - RetroLift - 3D PSD Actions
ATN | + Bonus Files | CS4 + | 65 MB
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Watercolor Effect Generator - MediaLoot - Retail
| PSD | 7 MB |
This kit for Photoshop uses Smart Objects, Adjustment Layers and textures to apply an adjustable watercolor effect to any photograph or other image.

Seveso Photoshop Effect Generator - MediaLoot - Retail
| ATN | PSD | 10 MB |

This effect generator for Photoshop transforms your photos using techniques inspired by Alberto Seveso. It includes the Photoshop PSD file to easily add the effect to your images.
How to use:
  • Open PSD
  • Double click on the Smart Object
  • Place your image and save it
             To change the colors of the splats, inside the effect layer group you will find 4 (green) colored layers. Double click on the layer style icon and replace the “color overlay” with the color that you want. Then, you can adjust the levels and make it black&white by turning on the layer in the Adjustments layer´s group.
             Of course, you can change the size, move and turn off all the layers to make a different effect that suit your needs. In case that you use an image that doesn’t have a black background, you can mask the effect layer group to hide those parts that you do not want; or you can change the background to black in the smart object before saving it.

Photoshop Portrait Enhancing Action - MediaLoot - Retail
| ATN | PSD | 1 MB |

This action for Photoshop makes the process of enhancing your portraits simple and easy. Smoothing out skin, drawing focus to the eyes or lips and removing red tints from skin can traditionally be a very complex to achieve. With this action the only work you’ll have to do is tell Photoshop where to apply the enhancements.
The action use is very simple:
  • Load the action in Photoshop
  • Open the portrait image
  • Run the action you desire (Skin, Eyes, Lips, Teeth or Red Reducer)
  • Once the selected action finishes; an alert window will be shown asking the user to paint over the created mask to reveal the effect

Engraving Photoshop Action - MediaLoot - Retail
| ATN | PSD |  4 MB |

Create beautiful engraved effects in just a few simple steps with this action for Photoshop. The action works with almost any photo or image and creates truly impressive results that would normally take hours of manual work to achieve!
1) Open the PSD base file (this file will contain all the engraving lines used)
2) Replace the Smart Object with your picture and save it. 
3) Install and run the included action

Long Shadow Generator Panel - MediaLoot - Retail
| PSD | ATN | 2 MB |
With this panel extension for Photoshop CS5+ you can apply trendy long shadows to any vector, bitmap or text layer with a single click.

GraphicRiver - Pure Art Skin Power Filter

GraphicRiver - Pure Art Skin Power Filter
1 ATN file | 1 ABR file | Pdf Help Guide | HD Video Link | 3,6 Mb

This is not your ONE-CLICK and FAST action thing. This is a professional and well processed Photoshop retouching tool that will take your natural photos into something mind-blowing and fashion acceptable.
From the Maker of some of the best Photoshop actions comes the very best of Photoshop retouching add-on unlike any you have ever used. This package will professionally retouch your photograph.

3D Generator - PS Actions GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver - 3D Generator - PS Actions

Photoshop *.ATN File with PDF Essential | 2 MB


  • Go to the flat to the glam with just one click!!!! Get a professional 3D render almost like a 3D program in just one click, you don’t need to know how use it, the only thing you need to do is click play and that’s all, awesome right?
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Fried Egg - Action for Photoshop

Fried Egg - Action for Photoshop
1 ATN file | 1 ASL file | 1 ABR file | 6,1 Mb


Digital Heavens : Smooth Skins
Digital Heavens : Smooth Skins | 221 MB

Skin smoothing actions for Adobe Photoshop.


• Two versions – Standard and smart filters edition.
• Ten actions in each set.
• Supports both 8bit and 16bit images.
• Non-destructive editing.
• Actions for basic to advanced smoothing.
• Blends seamlessly into your workflow.
• Supports Adobe Photoshop CS2 and above.
• Tutorials project files to help you get started.

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GraphicRiver - Grid Layouts Actions and PSD Templates


Add-on Files Included: Layered PSD, Photoshop ATN | CS4 | 23 MB

http://graphicriver.net/item/grid-layouts -actions-and-psd-templates/3908776

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GraphicRiver - Stripe Actions NEW

Layered PSD, Photoshop ABR, Photoshop ASL, Photoshop ATN | 8 Mb
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GraphicRiver - Premium HDR Action Set

GraphicRiver - Premium HDR Action Set

Add-on Files Included: ATN | CS5 | 2.55 KB

GraphicRiver - Drawing Collection Effects

GraphicRiver - Drawing Collection Effects

Add-on Files Included: Photoshop PAT, ATN | CS | Works With: JPG | 1.06 MB

GraphicRiver - Sketch Doodle Sticker Photoshop Action


Add-on Files Included: Photoshop ABR, ATN | CS | 11 MB


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Scicors Cut Lines Generator
1 PSD + ABR + ATN + CSH + PDF Guide | 2 MB
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GraphicRiver - Stitch it
JPG Image, Photoshop ABR, Photoshop ASL, Photoshop ATN | RAR 10 MB
  • Stitch it is a set of tools that can be used to create realistic badges from any vector logo, with just a a few clicks. All tools are organized in a window / panel for easy access.
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