Add to the scope of your messaging by OCCUPYING COMMUTE ROUTES with miniprotests that are TOO SMALL for any legal justification for POLICE INTERVENTION. Miniprotesting's three-part messaging allows you to combine facts with the Socratic method to add the POWER to CONVINCE to your slogans.

If your Occupy event is ongoing, create a Miniprotesting Committee by vote within your General Assemblies, then connect with other Committee Chairs to decide which issues to take to your local, clogged commute arteries.

    You Know What You Want the World to Know

Here’s the best way to deliver
More message with less people:

     Miniprotesting:  Simple Idea, Powerful Impact -
   -three small groups of four spread out over three consecutive street corners
   -Each group within this "protest string" has someone in its center holding a 30" x 40" main sign at waist level. The three folks around each central miniprotester hold traditional signs overhead that reflect the theme.
   -The focus of passing motorists will be on the three main signs at eye level which make a running message like the old Burma Shave rural roadside ads.
   -This format allows you to present multiple facts, connect them with the Socratic method, and cement those links with a pithy slogan.

     Maximize Your Numbers -
With 120 people you can make ten distinct miniprotests covering different bottlenecks of the commute all around town. Each will reach 100 to 150 motorists per hour. And with 60,000 activists in a state at the ready, that would make 5,000 SEPARATE MINIPROTESTS covering multiple areas in each county.

     Systematic Messaging -
Every week present another GOP travesty. Over time you can make the dots so close together even Donny Dittohead can’t help but connect them.

     Ongoing Presence -
Put new inscriptions on the same signs every week. Just email the main sign inscription pdf in Arial to FedEx Office and have them print your messages out on their 36”-wide roll paper. A little tape and your new assault on the 1% is ready.

     Rapid Fact Activism -
Spring to action and disprove the freshest Limbaugh lie, Boehner blasphemy, or superPAC twisted tale within two hours. We can be the Truth Troops, counteracting Citizens United cash with thousands of miniprotests to disprove the lie, explain the sources and motivations, and offset their messaging with our own slogans that mimic theirs.

     Use as Satellite Support of Occupations -
Here is the flow for how to use miniprotests to express your wide range of concerns tapping into your Occupy infrastructure:
   1- Tell all Occupy committee heads about idea
   2- Propose creation of Miniprotesting Committee at Occupy’s general assembly
   3- Volunteer to be committee spokesperson or assist person chosen
   4- Meet up individually with all heads of other committees to hone in on issues they would like to expose through miniprotests
   5- Create and present main sign inscription sets to assembly. Also suggest times and locations. Occupiers vote their choices.
   6- Announce miniprotests through social media, Occupy’s Meetup and Facebook pages, and Twitter
   7- Get count of miniprotesters to determine the number of protest strings (three signs per dozen)
   8- Email inscriptions to FedEx Kinko’s to print on their 36” roll paper
   9- Buy 30” x 40” foam core (1/4” thick) poster board at Staples
  10- Do your miniprotests. Video and report back to committee to solicit for more events. Post videos on YouTube, Facebook.

Use miniprotesting to combat ALEC-driven
Voter ID laws crafted to disenfranchise millions

To make voters aware of how voter photo ID laws may restrict their ability to vote, use this miniprotesting main sign inscription set:

Corner #1:  Don't Lose Your RIGHT to Vote Under Polling Place Photo ID Restrictions! Get Prepared

Corner #2:  Call [number of county registrar or other official] to Confirm Your Registration or Go To the DMV to Get Required ID

Corner #3:  Why the "Voter Fraud" Lie? Because the GOP KNOWS they CAN'T WIN IF THEY HAVE TO PLAY FAIR!

There is also a strategy for shaming election officials into doing the right thing by doing targeted miniprotests that these individuals will see coming in and leaving from work. Here's the miniprotesting main sign set for that:

Corner #1:  Voters Demand to Know the Number of Polling Booths in Every Precinct by Sept. 1
Corner #2:  Voting Opportunity Bias Will Not Be Tolerated. Your Career is At Stake
Corner #3:  [name of person], Do What's Right. Party Loyalty Cannot Trump Civic Duty

And the other direct targets are the state's House and Senate members. For them miniprotests can radiate out from the state capitol, blanketing all inbound routes for a mile. An example of one of those main sign sets could be:

Corner #1:  Your ALEC allegiance Will Make You an FTR:  Final Term Republican
Corner #2:  Manipulating the Voting Process Will be a Stain on Your Name
Corner #3:  Isn't it Time You Chose Integrity Over Bowing to the CORPservative 1% Agenda? supports the
Fair America Platform
and urges all Occupy movements
to adopt messaging that promotes these goals.

Read all about the Fair America Platform here.
Here's a miniprotesting main sign inscription set for this platform:

Corner #1:

Occupiers Support the Fair America Platform

Tax Fairness:  Restore Fair Taxation of Millionaires

End Tax Free Offshore Loopholes for B of A, Exxon/Mobil

Job Fairness:  Restore Unions, Eliminate Tax Breaks for Offshoring

Corner #2:

Occupiers Support the Fair America Platform

Fair Elections:  Paper Ballots Hand Counted, Public Campaign Funding Only

Fair Representation: Overturn Citizen’s United, Curb Lobbying Excesses

Fair Business Practices:  Restore Oversight Over Industry and Wall St.

Corner #3:

What’s Un-American About

Asking for a Fair America?

Those That Fight a Fair America

Are Pandering to Corporate Titans, Billionaires

You'll notice that there is much more text on these signs than the usual main signs, so you must choose a location and time of day that sees traffic moving at glacial pace.

The miniprotesting moto: On the Streets WE ARE HOPE

Miniprotesting News:

Announcing Two New Sites 

Miniprotesting HQ in Northern California
and the key swing state of Wisconsin

These will be the regional hubs for miniprotests both on an independent basis for anyone as well as for groups and organizations looking to put specific messaging on the streets on a grand (yet geographically scattered) scale. They are set up as meetup groups where any member can post an event on their calendars. If you are in these regions, or just want to see the infrastructure model, check them out. And if you have a specific messaging agenda that you're trying to spread, please join up and post on their Discussion Boards and click the option of being notified for new posts on that topic.

Today's Hot Topic

Exposing the freshest GOP lies or hypocrisy
 or championing the latest progressive battle cry

Votes and support for the Ryan Budget should hang like an anchor around the neck of every CORPservative politician. We can make that happen with this miniprotesting main sign inscription set:

Corner #1:  Isn't it BLUE BLOOD WELFARE When the Ryan Budget Drops the Top Tax Tier Rate by 14%?
Corner #2:  
Ryan Budget Gives Every Millionaire $140,000 For Each Million He Makes Every Year

Corner #3:  [GOP incumbent]'s Support for Ryan Budget Proves He’s on the 1% Privilege Posse

Miniprotesting in pictures
Here's what our "No More Tax Favoritism for the 1%!" miniprotest showed bogged down motorists in
Santa Rosa, CA on tax day, April 17:

Corners 1 through 3 in sequence:

Main Sign Inscription Sets to

Compliment Overall Strategies

Apart from the political campaigns for individual politicians, there are dozens of progressive groups focusing on policies, petitions, legislation, and reshaping political dialog. For these entities, miniprotesting is a perfect fit for the intricacy of their messaging needs and smaller numbers. Here are a few miniprotesting main sign inscription sets that would be ideal for these groups.

With the recent Republican filibuster of the DISCLOSE Act in the US Senate, corporate cash unleashed by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision will remain secret, obscuring the puppet strings on GOP legislators.

Move to Amend is trying to turn the tide on this corporate infringement on the spirit and function of democracy. Here is a miniprotesting main sign set for them:

Corner #1:  Don't Want America RUN BY AND FOR THE 1%? Move to Amend
Corner #2:  Mad That Billionaire Koch Brothers Can Pledge $400 Million to Romney Campaign? Move to Amend
Corner #3:  Join Move to Amend. Amend the Constitution so Money is No Longer Speech, Corporations Not Considered People

See more about Move to Amend's campaign to restore fairness to the financial side of elections at

Another worthy cause is that of National Nurses Unitied which is trying to put a leash on the rampant nanosecond speculation on Wall Street, adding volatility and sucking money out of the system from the rest of us. The NNU is pushing for a Financial Transaction Tax which would curb some of the nanosecond speculation and add to our federal budget. Here's a sign set for that:

Corner #1:  Join National Nurses United in their Call for a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall St.
Corner #2:  The Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) Would Generate $350 Billion From the Bubble Bursters
Corner #3:  Curb Runaway Nanosecond Speculation on Wall St. with FTT

But there are always enough lies and hypocrisy to taint the Republican brand in general, starting with the CORPservative leadership:

Corner #1: Boehner Thinks GOP = FFH: Freedom From History
Corner #2: 
$11 Trillion of $14T Deficit Comes From Reagan, Bushes 1 & 2
Corner #3: 
Get Wise to the GOP's Fiscal Hypocrisy

One way to fully realize the potential of the 99% is to make conservatives differentiate between the conservative and CORPservative agendas. If we can alienate them from the GOP extremists, they may not go Democrat but still will find themselves identifying with the 99%. Here’s a miniprotesting main sign inscription set to do that:

Corner #1:  Conservative or CORPservative? Don't Get PLAYED by Politicians who are Pious With a Corporate Bias
Corner #2:  CORPservatives Fight for the Unborn BUT TURN THEIR BACKS on the NEWBORN
Corner #3:  Shouldn’t Family Values Include VALUING FAMILIES by Fighting for Fair Wages, Healthcare, Education?

Of course, the miniprotesting model only works if it is adopted by a significant number of the self-described progressive activists among us. But think of the hundreds of thousands that have already taken to the streets, either through organized protests or Occupy encampments. Now take away the barriers of travel, cost, and time that go with major events, and the sacrifices that go with Occupations. You add dramatically to the numbers of those who can participate. With 60,000 people, that's 5,000 miniprotests. That could cover every city over 100,000 in the country.

What if the progressive movement would augment its battle plan; instead of putting all the eggs in one basket focusing on one major protest every couple of months, why not add tens of thousands of minor ones every week? They could be so small, they can be effective anywhere a town has three four-way stops in a row. They could be so all-encompassing, that with 240 people every single outbound artery out of town, and many cross-town ones, is covered with 20 separate miniprotests. They could rotate their signs with other groups every week if they’re using different inscription sets.

The infrastructure can be localized, with signups via Google Groups, message boards, twitter, or texting. And when you put the clout of a nation-wide organization in play, think of the impact.

National groups could coordinating with other groups as to what days they'll be in what locations. MoveOn can take Tuesdays, the PCCC Thursdays, etc.

What if miniprotests were spread so thick around America that they became commonplace? Can that much truth not have an impact?

That's the world we need to create. The Great Republican Overreach of 2011-2012 deserves to bring out the complete obliteration of the Republican Party as it stands now. Let's make that happen, and rejoice at every tangible step along the way.

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